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CL1- Mini-tour
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CL1- Mini-tour

  • Duration: : 1 day
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CL1- Mini-tour (Cycling tour for one day at ANGKOR AREA)


Cycle from down town Siem Reap to see the ancient historic constructions of Cambodia, around thousand years-old. We cycle on the small circuit and short trails under the shadows of big trees with good smell of wildflowers along the way to many temples such as Angkor Thom, Taprum, Reservoir Srah Srong, Kravan, Angkor Wat, and a temple on natural mountain, Bakheng which is famous for seeing sunset.


08:00AM: Departure by bike from the hotel to visit temples such as:

  • Bayon temple [Golden Tower], it was built in the late 12th century by the famous king Jayavarman VII of Cambodia. It is undeniably an expression of the highest genius. It is, in three dimensions and on a scale worthy of an entire nation, the materialization of Buddhist cosmology, representing ideas that only great painters would dare to portrays…Angkor Thom is not an architectural “miracle”…It is in reality the world of the gods springing up from the heart of ancient Cambodia.
  • Baphuon, Huge mountain temple in the heart of Angkor Thom was built in Mid 11th century for Hindu by king Udaydityavarman II. Its Tower of Bronze rises, higher even than the Golden Tower: a truly astonishing spectacle, with more than ten chambers at its base.
  • Phimeanakas, it is impressive laterite and sandstone pyramid and tallest scalable temple in Angkor Thom built in early 11th century for Hindu.
  • Terrace of Elephant, it is an impressive and biggest platform in front of the royal palace. It was used by Angkorian King for watching military exercises and celebrations, and for greeting royal guests.
  • And Terrace of Leper King, it is a terrace with double wall, deeply carved nagas, demons and other mythological beings. The terrace was named terrace of leper king because of the statue on the top of terrace. It was built in late 12th century by king Jayavarman VII.
  • After that, we cycle to the juggle temple Taprum; it is an interesting ruin with around 300 to 400 years-old of trees growing on.  After visiting this Temple, we will go throw to Srasrong reservoir for having lunch in a local restaurant and relaxing.

Around at 2:00PM visit such as:

  • Kravan Temple that is the East-facing brick towers containing unique bas-reliefs of Vishnu and Lakshmi rendered in brick - the only example of brick bas-reliefs in the Angkor area in early 10th century.
  • Angkor Wat Temple, it is the wonderful and amazing famous temple in the world, visually, architecturally, and artistically breathtaking, and massive three tiered pyramid crowned by five lotus-like towers rising 65 meters.
  • And then, climb up to the top of Bakheng hill to see the oldest temple, the first major temple constructed in the Angkor area in the late 9th century AD. It was served as King Yasovarman I’s state-temple at the centre of his new capital city Yasodharapura. The temple is also the famous spot for taking sunset photos; after sunset, you will be transferred back to town by four-wheel air-conditioner vehicle.

PRICING: in US Dollars per person:

Rates are valid until 30 September 2011:

Number of people 1 2 3-6 7-10 11-14 15+
Price per person $150 $107 $96 $82 $76 $72

Our Service include:

  • Quality TREK bike with helmet
  • Vehicle for trucking bike
  • Air-con Vehicle for transferring
  • ICT’s English and cycling tour guide
  • Lunch meal
  • Angkor entrance fee for one day
  • Cool drinking water and tissue